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£20| Per Week

START DATE: Coming soon

Our 4 year Arabic & Islamic studies curriculum has been designed to enhance the knowledge & enthusiasm of the learning, stepping up the ladder to study those traditional sciences that are the fundamental arts of becoming an Islamic scholar.

  • Requirements
    - Male - 16 or over in age - Basic understanding of Arabic reading - Dedicated to study - Wanting change
  • Programme Scheduale
    Monday to Friday 18:30 - 20:30 BST Holidays 5 days each for Eid Ul Adha, Eid ul Fitr, Mawlid (including weekends) 4 Weeks Summer Holiays 2 Weeks Winter Holidays
  • Format
    The course is split into to semesters. Each class will be 2 hours consisting of 4 periods of 30 mins Allocated time will be given to students for Q&A at the end of each period.
  • How Will I Benifit
    This is the first step in the way of becoming an Islamic scholar. Completing this course will enable you to have a indepth understanding of Islam & it's major sciences. Enough knowledge will be given that you may read and understand Arabic texts.
  • Further Education
    This course is level 1 out of 3 of the Alima course.
  • YEAR 1
    Tajweed: Madani Qaidah Nahw: Essentials of Nahw + Activity Sarf: Essentials of Sarf + Activity Fiqh: Laws Of Salah Aqidah: Aqidah Tahwiayh. Mutala (book reading): Belief In The Finality Of Prophethood* Questions and Answers regarding Aqiqah Important Questions And Answers
  • YEAR 2
    Adab:Mutala'a-tul-Arabiya Mantiq: Mantiq-ul-Jilani Nahw: Hidayah-tun-Nahw & Sharah Miata A'mil Fiqh: Noor-ul-Idah Usool-ul-Fiqh: Usool-ul-Shashi Mutala (book reading): Path of knowledge* Showing Off Islamic Manners (*) Mandatory
  • YEAR 3
    Usool-ul-Hadith: Muqadamah-Tus-Shaykh Hadith: Arabeen Nawawi Balagha: Duroos-ul-Balagha Seerah: Seerat-e-Mustafa Fiqh: Mukhtasar Al-Quduri & Ilm-ul-Mirath Usool-ul-Fiqh: Usool-ul-Shashi Mutala (book reading): Veiling Q&A* Quranic Wonders Islamic Organisations & Donation (*) Mandatory
  • YEAR 4
    Hadith: Sharah Ma'ani Al-Athaar Usool-ul-Tafseer: Zubda-tul-Itiqan Tafseer: Jalalayn Aqidah: Would You Like To Know About Islam Fiqh: Hidayah-tul-Mubtadi Mutala (book reading): Call to Righteousness* Backbiting Some attacks of satan (*) Mandatory

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