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Live learning is the most interactive of ways to study with LYF online. We offer a wide range of live seminars & courses on a spectrum of many topics. Not just interesting but vital knowledge of Islam is learnt & taught via our online based learning platform.


Upcoming courses

Salah courses

Salah course (5 days)

Join our 5-day online Salah course and learn the proper method, pre-conditions, Faraid, Sunan, and Wajibat of Salah in an engaging course

Males & Females


Current courses

Sarf & Nahw.jpg

Sarf & Nahw (1 year course)

Learn the fundamentals of Arabic grammar (Sarf and Nahw) through engaging, visually-enhanced lessons, designed for beginners, to start engaging with the Qur'an and other classical Arabic texts.

Males & Females

Islamic studies.jpg

Islamic Studies (Beginners)

An engaging learning experience to familiarise yourself with the basics of Islam and expand your Islamic knowledge

Males & Females


Past courses


Aqidah course (5 days)

This 5-day online course provides a comprehensive overview of the core beliefs of Islam, such as the oneness of Allah, the blessed Prophets, and more.

Males & Females

Moral Development.jpeg



An overview of Arrogance, passiveness, jealousy and much more...

Males & Females | Ages 12 & over



An overview of the life of beloved Nabi ﷺ from childhood to his ﷺ departure from this world

Males & Females | Ages 12 & over


Taharah course (5 days)

Learn about the significance of taharah in Islam with our interactive course, designed to teach you the method of wudu, ghusl, tayammum, and more.

Males & Females


Hadith Essentials (2 weeks)

Dive into Hadith Essentials: a two-week journey of enlightenment, covering daily insights from diverse Hadith topics.

Males & Females

Quranic studies.jpg

Quranic Stories (5 days)

Explore the rich and inspiring stories of the Qur'an with our interactive online course, helping you to deepen your connection with the Holy Qur'an.

Males & Females

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